Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DIY Simple soda bottle hummingbird feeder

this is a simple soda bottle feeder with a tiny hole in the cap, suspended by wire-it works incredibly well and is incredibly easy to make

Yup another hummingbird feeder post. Yikes, I know.  Apparently there are a lot of crazy people out there like me who like hummingbirds and unique feeders!  This one is as easy as they come, no flowers, no feeding tube, nothing special, but it is still a fun and unique way to attract and feed hummingbirds.  You will need a soda bottle with a twist on cap-preferably a bright yellow or red (if the cap isn't yellow or red, get some paint), you will also need a hammer, a nail and some wire.  I use baling wire as we have quite a bit around here.  You can get fancy and paint the wire if you like.  My little girl wanted to, so we did and she was right, I like it better.
First, clean out the cap and your bottle.  We liked the label on our bottle, so we left it alone and even sprayed a little clear enamel on it to keep the colors brighter longer.
Next, put the cap on your bottle and take a small nail, like the kind you might use in your house to hang a picture or the calendar, and hammer it through the center of the cap.  Remove the nail.

Grab your wire!  You will need quite a bit for this-I think I used about 30" or so.  Now it's time to bend it up.  I like to start with the two ends of your wire-take one and carefully wrap it around the largest part of the neck of your bottle one time.  Then take the other end and wrap it around the base of your bottle once-about an inch or two up from the bottom.  Now hold your bottle out in front of you sideways but with the cap end pointed slightly down.  Bend the center of your wire up to form a hook and hold your bottle at that angle.  You can design your hook to go on branch or a nail or whatever.  (I designed mine initially to hang over a small branch in the crabapple tree.)

Lastly, Fill the sucker up with nectar, screw the cap on tight and hang it!  (If you fill the bottle up all the way, so there isn't any air inside the bottle, it won't drip as much when you initially hang it.  I filled mine up half way so initially there was a whole lot of dripping going on as I hung it-not to worry, if your cap has a good seal and your angle isn't too severe, the dripping will quickly stop.)  The angle makes it perfect for the hummingbirds to drink virtually all the nectar without much waste.
There ya go!  It is a fun way to re-use, re-purpose or recycle your favorite drink bottle.  Hope you have as much fun making these as we did.

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