Monday, March 7, 2016

DIY hat rack out of old pitchfork

 I have accumulated my share of hats, and its a good thing too because between my husband and kids they get pretty beaten up and destroyed.  Ok, if I'm honest, I do my fair share of wear and tear too.  I made a coat and hat rack out of discarded railroad spikes and some old barn boards (easy enough to make with some spikes, a drill and a drill bit that is just a bit smaller in diameter than the spikes-maybe I'll show how to do that project if there is any interest).  Yet, I still wanted another hat rack for my special cowboy hats.
   I went walking about to see what I could find in a few of my favorite scrap piles and discovered a broken off end of a pitchfork that was missing the 2 middle tines.  Perfect!  I love re-using, re-claiming and re-purposing!

I was going for rustic and simple so I dug out an old weathered piece of scrap lumber, used my chop saw to even out some rough ends and made a square-ish base to attach the pitch fork end to.
     After considering several methods to attach the pitchfork end to my base I went with the most simple idea I had.

 I measured the diameter of the metal end where the wooden handle would normally jut out, found a drill bit just barely that size and drilled a hole through the center of my square little board.  Next I took a rubber mallet and tapped the metal end into the hole.  It was surprisingly very snug and very stable!

Now I decided I wanted the old metal and old wood to shine so I sprayed it with some clear lacquer and waited for it to dry.
     Once it was dry I drilled a few holes in my base so that I could mount it to my wall easily with a couple of screws.

     Done!  It was a blast to make and I love how it looks above my rake head that doubles as my chaps, spurs and scarves holder!

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