Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Trees, Dirt Road Style

The Christmas season is well under way, but we still see people driving down from the mountains with a tree strapped to the top of their car.  We even stopped to help one couple get their tree strapped back on after it took a tumble.

It is admittedly difficult for dirt road people to pay for a Christmas tree.  Most of our neighbors have a stand of pine trees somewhere on their property where they can cut one themselves, but what about those of us not so fortunate to have access to our own trees?  My brother solved that problem by using what they had right there.  A sage brush.  There are places in Wyoming where the sage brush grow as tall as some trees, and there is a never ending supply of the lovely little "evergray".  While I do love the smell of sage, I'm not sure I identify it with Christmas, but my niece and nephews will, as this has become their tradition.  They certainly have their own decorating style.  I especially love the hat on top.

Sage not your style?  Try my sister's juniper tree instead.  Around here we call them cedar trees because of their lovely smell.  It is a unique choice for a tree, and beautiful in it's own way, although it probably wouldn't be the top choice for those buying trees out of a lot in town.  She also decorated with her own style, using burlap, mason jars, antique ice skates and old rusty license plates.

We went more traditional with our tree this year, obtaining an evergreen from a generous neighbor.  While it looks lovely, it is a strain that we lovingly call a "swamp pine" and my mother swears it is closely related to a cactus.  Trouble with kids playing with your tree?  Get a swamp pine and they will never touch it.  My poor husband still has the scratches that the tree gave him as he cut it down.

Whatever your Christmas tree style, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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